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30th Mar 2017

WATCH: This Lad’s Card Got Declined On First Dates And It’s The Most Awkward Thing Ever


We’ve all been there.

You go up to the counter with your assortment of 16 hangover snacks, ready to take on the day, when all of a sudden the shopkeeper turns to you and says, ”insufficient funds, bud”.


Well, at least it’s not on national telly, right?

The poor lad, like us all, is just trying to have a laugh and find some lovin’, but unfortunately – his time in the First Dates restaurant happened to fall on the day before payday. 

We barely go outside the house the day before payday, so kudos to him for even showing up…

The poor pet. 

While his lovely date offered to swoop in and pay her part, he found funds in another card, and avoided a night of rolling up sleeves and scrubbing dishes.


First Dates kicks off again tonight at 9:30pm on RTÉ2. 

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