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23rd Jan 2020

16 insane-looking cocktails you can get at The Paddocks

Brian Dillon

16 insane-looking cocktails you can get at The Paddocks

The Paddocks Clonee is known for producing some pretty out-there stuff. Whether its deliciously creative dinner, sweet and surprising desserts or mental cocktails, they never fail to shock us with their creations.

And they keep popping up on my newsfeed, but I’m not complaining…

And since we’re mad for a cocktail or two (or three), we can’t help but dream about enjoying these ones that can only be described as insane. So, here are some tasty and INSANE cocktails you can get at The Paddocks Clonee.

Starburst Daiquiri

Okay, this looks delightful.

Twister Cocktail

Like summer in a glass.

A Freddo Fat Frog

How do you even think of this?

Percy Pig Prosecco

I’m so here for this.

Skittles Bomb Daiquiris

I’m so overwhelmed by this. I NEED to try.

Taste The Rainbow Daiquiri

A glorious rainbow in a glass.

This Drumstick Squashies Concoction

Again, how do you even come up with this idea? Absolute genius.

Percy Pig Daiquiri

Percy Pigs and Pink Gin. How did I not realise this was the perfect match?

This Bombay Saphire cocktail with bonbons

Putting bonbons into a cocktail = genius.

Pink Gin and Fanta Lemon Bath

The only kind of bath I want to be involved in.

Solero Daiquiri

If this isn’t summer in the form of a cocktail, then I don’t know what is.

Tequila Rose Milkshakes

Guaranteed to bring ALL the boys to the yard.

Loop the Loop Daiquiri

Okay, I’m obsessed with all of these ice-pop cocktails.

Baileys Strawberry Milkshake

Ah now, this one looks pure stun.

Brunch Daiquiri

Again with the ice-pop inspired cocktails, I’m loving this!

Micky Finn Chocolate Milkshakes

If your chocolate milkshake doesn’t have Mickey Finn in it, then I’m not interested.

Honestly, the list goes on. If you consider yourself a true connoisseur of cocktails, then this place needs to be on your bucket list.

They also serve up some incredible creative desserts, such as White Milky Bar Cheesecake, White Heaven Sundaes, Mint Rocky Road Sundaes, SnowBall Sundaes and Piggy in a Bath Sundaes, to name just a few.

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