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10th Sep 2020

‘So disheartened’ – La Peniche share dismay after three group bookings fail to show

James Fenton

Grand Canal restaurant La Peniche have shared their dismay online after three group bookings failed to show up for dinner last night.

It’s an act that has blighted Dublin restaurants since Covid-19 restrictions began to ease with La Peniche being just the latest of a long line of establishments to suffer from no-shows.

In a post on Twitter, the barge restaurant wrote: ‘Just closing the boat for the night and feel so disheartened. 11 people who had booked and confirmed didn’t show up. These are people we followed up with, we had the tables ready and set, we were waiting and just no shows. We close Monday and Tuesday and open today to this.’

The caption was accompanied by the hashtag #supportlocal and an image of the cancellations displayed on La Peniche’s booking system…

In another post, La Peniche added that ‘they didn’t even cancel they kept us waiting, we even put another staff member on’. They also confirmed that the 11 people were made up of three different groups and online followers have been offering their support and suggesting that they take deposits from now on.

With a number of businesses succumbing to the Covid-19 pandemic, let’s hope Dubliners become more considerate as pubs and restaurants continue to reopen.

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