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19th May 2023

9 places Stanley Tucci needs to eat while he’s in Dublin

Fiona Frawley

Stanley Tucci Dublin

We’ve all seen the snaps of him shaking up cocktails behind the bar at House last night, but where should Stanley try next?

Up there with the world’s most famous foodies, Stanley Tucci has officially landed in Dublin ahead of his appearance at this years International Literature Festival.

Of course, when any celeb visits Ireland, the nation holds its breath as we wait to see where they visit during their time here – will they follow in the footsteps of Matt Damon and Harry Styles with a trip out to the Vico, bag of cans in hand? Or perhaps do a Bruce Springsteen and set up camp in The Long Hall for the duration of their stay? Knowing how serious Mr Tucci is about his food, the pressure’s on to recommend places that will appropriately tickle his fancy.

If he reads this (and we’re assuming he will), we’ve done our best to compile the dream foodie day spent in Dublin’s fair city, with Stanley’s personal tastes considered. There’s bread, there’s pasta, there are of course pints. Let’s get into it.


A breakfast roll from Ger’s Deli

Stanley has spoken on the Off Menu podcast about his love of breakfast baps and hash browns, so naturally we’d recommend that he start the day with a breakfast roll. The jaunt out to Ger’s Deli in Ballyfermot could be considered rogue, but if he’s going to do it, we’d want him to do it right. Regulars will know there’s a queue out the door for Ger’s breakfast rolls on weekends, but we’re hoping they’d do Stan a solid and let him cut in front.

@tomscrazydreamfarm Diving deep into Irish cuisine in pursuit of the ultimate breakfast roll. #breakfastroll #ballyfermot #gersdeli #Dublin #Ireland #foodtok ♬ The Jumbo Breakfast Roll – Pat Shortt


From Bread 41

Mr Tucci has also spoken of his love of a good homemade bread, and for Dublin, Bread 41 is the first and last word in this department. When he heads for his midmorning coffee, we recommend a trip to Bread 41 on Pearse Street, in the hopes that they’ll throw in a slice of their famous sourdough, lightly buttered with the order.

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Dash Burger 

If you’re out seeing the sights, rushing from book launch to cocktail-making class, you’ll need a lunch that’s comforting and also hits the spot flavour wise. Obviously a burger is a failsafe option, and you can never go wrong with a smashed patty lovingly placed inside a pillowy potato bun from Dash.

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Afternoon snack

Toastie and a soft red wine from Loose Canon  

Sure, he’ll probably still be full enough from his burger but at the same time, we don’t want him to miss anything. We know Stanley’s a fan of a soft, low-on-tannins red wine and we’re going to go ahead and assume he’ll want a toastie made with some of the best cheese Ireland has to offer to go with it.


Rosa Madre 

It probably won’t come as a shock to anyone that we’ll point Stanley in the direction of Rosa Madre for dinner, where he can choose between flaky, perfectly seasoned seafood or a hearty ragu. Afterwards he can join the other countless celebrities who’ve visited this Temple Bar Italian in slicing open a champagne bottle with a dagger.

Dinner (non-Italian)

Variety Jones 

If Stanley is sick to the teeth of being recommended Italian restaurants, he needn’t fret. We’ve come prepared with a non-Italian option if that’s what his heart desires. If he’s on the hunt for a truly special dining experience, we’ll point him in the direction of Variety Jones and their carefully assembled Chef’s Choice Sharing Menu. There’s a bit of everything and most importantly, there’ll be pasta of some variety so he doesn’t feel too far from home.


Donuts from the Rolling Donut kiosk on O’Connell Street 

As a true foodie, Stanley will know it’s vital to try the street food a city is most famous for while visiting and for Dublin, that’s the little donut kiosk on O’Connell Street. We recommend a mix of cinnamon and chocolate mini donuts, to ensure the full experience.

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A pint from Mulligans, Poolbeg Street 

Stanley has also spoken of his affinity for Guinness, and quest to find the perfect pour. There’s no shortage of places we could send him but if we have to whittle it down to just one, we’d suggest Mulligans for an elite creamy pint.

Midnight Snack

A hot pep slice from Bambino

If Stanley has preempted this fairly heavy day of food and made sure to take a tactical morning nexium, he’ll hopefully have room for a midnight snack. So we’re going to suggest a pizza slice from Bambino, specifically the hot pep to ensure a perfect mix of spice, sweetness and cheese.

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Did we snub a spot that you think would be perfect for Stanley? Let us know!

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