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16th Jan 2020

Six places where you can get the best lunch in Dublin


Looking for a cheap feed? There are plenty of options but seeing as we’re feeling generous, we’ve listed some of the places where you can get the best lunch in Dublin. 

Not only does the best lunch in Dublin have to be delicious, it has to be affordable too. You don’t want to spend a fortune and be left skint – but you’re not looking to just grab a chicken fillet roll either.

You need a middle ground. We’ve found that middle ground for you, some of the best lunches in Dublin. Read on…

Lolly and Cooks – defo among the best lunch in Dublin

A great choice for a cheap lunch in Dublin, and it’s one of the best lunches in Dublin too. There’s a great Lolly and Cooks cafe down in Grand Canal Dock. A sit down is essential when tackling their monstrous sausage rolls, and I’d highly recommend the garlic and rosemary roll – for only €4.90 it’s an absolute steal.

You could opt for a selection of their daily salad specials alongside but at that price you could squeeze in three sausage rolls without going over budget. So really there’s only one logical next step…

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Oxmantown is a contender for best lunch in Dublin which you might not have heard of

Oxmantown has built up a strong reputation in Dublin for their sandwiches. They do, however, offer some alternative options like this salad that is served on Lebanese flatbread and costs just €5.90.

The salad special changes daily but it often consists of roasted veg, couscous or bulgar wheat, hummus, yoghurt, toasted seeds and citrus or sweet fruits.

best lunch in Dublin

Mongolian BBQ

Not only is this place great value, it offers one of the best lunches in Dublin. For only €5.90 you get to make your own stir fry choosing meats, vegetables, spices and sauce according to your tastes. The chef cooks it all up in front of you and you even get a bowl of steamed rice to go along with it.

You’d spend an absolute fortune if you were to try to fit in the same ingredients in your weekly shop. This is the excuse for eating out that we’ve all been searching for.

Camden Rotisserie

We included these guys in our list crowning the top 10 chicken wings in Dublin but it’s worth noting that besides being delicious they are extremely reasonable.

Enjoy two dozen wings for just €12.95 and you get to choose your own signature sauce: buffalo or BBQ. The only problem now is trying to share them fairly. Let the games begin. Definitely a contender for the best lunch in Dublin.

best lunch in Dublin

Cracked Nut

I’ve been to this cafe more times than I could possibly count. I was there for the switch from over-the-counter service to self-serve. I often wonder if I’ve single-handedly made that move unprofitable as I see the staff watching me warily as I dive recklessly into the hummus bowl… self-control is not my forte.

The large salad box costs €6.95 which may sound like a lot at first but when you see the sheer enormity of the container you’ll gladly part with the cash. It’ll keep you going until dinner and then some.


The whispers of all-you-can-eat toppings on your burger took the city by storm a few months ago. The low prices here almost outdo the food itself. Almost.

The burgers will only set you back €5.95 each which means you’ll be able to afford a side as well: garlic or chilli fries. It’s your call but rest assured there are no losers here, only winners.

Where do you recommend for the best lunch in Dublin? Let us know in the comments.

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