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20th Dec 2016

6 Places To Eat Or Drink If You’re In Castleknock


Looking to hit up somewhere different this weekend? 

How about swinging by Dublin 15, as Castleknock boasts some truly deadly spots. 

Don’t believe us? Just check this lot out…

1. Wright’s Angler’s Rest

One of the best fish restaurants in Dublin, this hidden gem is tucked away in the locally known Strawberry Beds. 

Dripping in atmosphere and catered to by some of the soundest servers in all the land, Wright’s Angler’s Rest is sort of famous in the area for guaranteeing a great night. Don’t even attempt to go here and not try the seafood chowder. 


Anglers Rest

2. Lo Cal Kitchen

An unbelievable sweet, and healthy, spot for you and a mate to grab some breakfast in.

The coffee is superb and their take on usually fatty and unhealthy treats are always, always incredible. 

Quirky on the inside, and aesthetically pleasing throughout, the Lo Cal Kitchen is a pleasant experience for mind, body and soul.

Lo Cal

3. Geisha

Delicious authentic Asian cuisine, made with the freshest of Irish produce, Geisha prides themselves on perfectly hand crafted Asian dishes, every time. 

Their early bird menu is super reasonable (two courses for €22.50) and the staff are really deadly. 

A great little spot to rent out for a big meal, or even just to grab a coffee.


4. The Boathouse Café

Going to this place for a bite to eat is like stepping into a dream, a colourful boathouse (in case the name didn’t fully give it away) situated on a lake, surrounded by twinkling lights and nature sounds. 

The Boathouse Café overlooks the Ornamental Lake at Farmleigh and is surrounded by the most beautiful gardens and woodland. 

It’s definitely considered one of Dublin’s best kept secrets, and is one of the most serene havens you could find in the area. Oh, and the food is pretty decent too.

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5. Twelfth Lock Bar

Situated next to the canal, The Twelfth Lock Bar is the perfect place to perch on a sunny day.

 The location itself is truly amazing, sitting right on the canal and southwest facing means you can bask in the rays of the sporadic sunshine until the very last rays disappear behind the trees.  

The Twelfth Lock also has a great sized beer garden and has extended out onto the grass with picnic tables. 

It’s a short stroll from Castleknock train station, the 37 bus stop and they also boast a big car park, so it’s easily accessible. 

12Th Lock

6. The Carpenter

This place is massive, when you walk in you’re greeted by a wonderful roaring fire in winter, or relaxed smiles in summer. 

The Carpenter has loads of great little nooks and crannies spread out over its vast two floors in which you could easily get lost in. 

This is the kind of place that you might have a chance at finding a free table, if you go searching. 

They also do a fantastic Sunday carvery, which is equally heavenly on cold, rainy days as it is bright, sunny ones.

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