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20th Dec 2016

6 Takeaway Dishes You Can Choose From – To Cheer Yourself Up This Sad Sunday Evening


Well, that was a bit of a miserable day.

But look. Every cloud has a silver lining – and there’s never been a better reason to throw caution to the wind, and order a delicious takeaway to cheer yourself back up.

Here are six to choose from.

1. Fish finger buttie, SMS Cervi

Simple comfort food, done right.

These guys dish out the best fish and chips in the business. The batter is light, the fries are crisp and the fish is fresh as you like. If you’re looking to tuck in this Sunday night – then this buttie is you’re only man.


2. Green Curry & Prawn, Opium

Spice up your life and get your nutrients into you with this delicious curry dish from Opium. In here you’ll find Thai aubergine, bamboo shoots, fine beans and sweet basil, all served with light and fluffy sticky rice.

Delicious, nutritious and superbly good for you.


3. The Pittsburgh, Ugly Duckling

The Pittsburgh is no laughing matter. In here, you’ll find slow roasted BBQ pulled pork, coleslaw, fries, lettuce and tomato on a crispy, fresh baguette.

Ugly Duckling have got you covered.

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Ugly Duckling

4. Miso flaked salmon, Cocu

Kick start your health this Sunday afternoon with the miso flaked salmon. In here, you’ll find kale slaw, sprouted greens, sesame seeds, and generous helping of Asian dressing on the side.

Cocu, you’ve done it again.

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5. Almond crunch paleo salad, Póg

Looking to replenish nutrients lost this weekend? Look no further than the super salads from Póg.

In the almond crunch, you’ll find spinach, chicken, roasted sweet potato, red cabbage, red onion, grated carrot, almond and smoked paprika dressing. 


6. Kari Java, Chameleon

This green Javanese curry from Chameleon is the best of the very best.

In here, you’ll find a shoulder of Wicklow lamb, braised in cumin, coriander, cloves, green chillies, tomato and coconut milk, with sweet potato, all gently spiced. It’s served with rice and pickles, and could easily feed two. 

Tasty, affordable and so memorable. Perfect.

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