8 veggie friendly dishes to try in Dublin this week

By Katy Thornton

November 25, 2021 at 11:02am


For those long time veggies, or those just starting out, this list is for you!

We're heading into a period where a lot of meat is consumed - turkey, ham, cocktail sausages. Sometimes, it's nice to just cutback on it a little, especially when there are always so many yummy veggie options out there instead.

1. Breakfast Burrito, Vegan Sandwich Co

Location: Smithfield

Always a winner if you're looking for some good veggie friendly food. As the name suggests, it's all vegan as well. Vegan Sandwich Co serves up this delish breakfast burrito, mimicking the classic meaty version except with all plant based ingredients.

2. Sweet Potato Shakshuka, Urban Health

Location: Ranelagh

Shakshuka is one of the best breakfast pleasures there is. Urban Health serves theirs with sweet potato for a bit of added flavour. And if you're vegan, they also do a version with tofu instead of eggs!


3. Vegan Korma, Staple Foods

Location: Grattan Street

On these wintery days, nothing beats a big bowl of curry. This vegan korma from Staple Foods is served with sweet potato, herb falafel, and rice.

4. Vegan Christmas Dinner, Woke Cup Café

Location: Smithfield

Who says you can't enjoy a Christmas dinner without the turkey? Turkey is often dry, let's be real, and this vegan festive dinner looks just as tasty. Woke Cup serves their Christmas dinner with a chestnut and cashew roast, maple glazed roast veg, hasselback potatoes, stuffing, and mushroom balsamic gravy.

5. Kimchi Cucumber Roll, Gushi


Location: Capel Street

Sushi is delicious, with or without the fish. These Kimchi cucumber rolls from Gushi Restaurant and Bar look like the perfect appetiser.

6. The Saigon Burger, Happy Endings

Location: Aston Quay

Just by looking at this, you'd never know it was veggie. Happy Endings' Saigon Burger comes with Seitan Chickarn't burger, vegan chilli crunch mayo, pickled daikon, carrot and fresh herbs and chilies.

7. Roasted Pumpkin Hummus, Fade Street Social

Location: Fade Street


Who doesn't love a bit of hummus? Fade Street Social put their own twist on it, serving up roasted pumpkin hummus with honey and garlic dressing. And of course some sourdough for dipping.

8. Veggie Puff Pastry, 147 Deli

Location: Parnell Street

147 Deli have a new veggie pastry this week. It comes with flame grilled pepper, shredded artichoke, charred courgette, basil pesto béchamel, parmesan cheese, rocket. They had us at basil pesto béchamel.

What's your fave veggie meal? And what's your fave restaurant to visit as a veggie?

Header image via Instagram/fadestsocial

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