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14th Apr 2019

9 Cosy Spots In Dublin To Settle Into When The Weather Is Shite


We all know the Ireland weather puts a dampener (literally) on many of the activities we’d love to partake in the evening. But sometimes – or all the time – we just can’t control mother nature, and must carry on.

The up-side is that this city has plenty of stellar spots to hide away from the dreary, rainy skies, and still enjoy yourself after a long days work.

Here are nine spots that’ll surely make you forget that the sun’s not shining.

1. Vintage Cocktail Club

Here’s a gorgeous and refined spot where you can relax and sip on some of the finest cocktails in Dublin. The speakeasy feel and candle-lit tables make it quite comfortable, yet the vintage chic surroundings keep it nice and classy.

Sip in style.

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2. Murray’s

Located on O’Connell Street, Murray’s is your classic vibrant pub with plenty of indoor entertainment for those dreary days.

It’s also the perfect spot to get your comfort food fix in with a creamy pint of Guinness on the side.

Exactly what you need.


3. Market Bar

If you’re near Fade Street, defo stop into The Market Bar. It’s always jammers too, which absolutely ups the cosiness. If you fancy sitting outside, they’ll even give you blankets to warm up with.

Fab spot in a fab area.

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4. The Blind Pig

Have you heard? The Blind Pig is a speakeasy off Grafton Street. It’s downstairs, and so secret that the staff will meet you up on the street in order to enter.

You may never even exit outta this one.

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5. Mother Reilly’s

Here’s a nice spot in Rathmines, where the live music is prevalent, and the pints are on point. There’s a pub quiz every Tuesday, an open mic night on Thursdays to stay in for a dreary evening.

There’s also a balcony, just in case the sun ACTUALLY does come out.

Which it won’t. Let’s face it.

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6. Cassidy’s (Westmoreland Street)

You can actually sink into the couches here, which is great until you want to get up. The beers selection is excellent, the snacks are nice, and the vibes so snug.

There are board games, too, so prepare to game the night away.

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7. The Gingerman

The cosiest. You’ll feel at home at Gingerman, with the fairy lights inside and rooftop smoking area.

Also – amazing food and Guinness. Ye can’t go wrong here.

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8. P. Mac’s

Another candle-lit spot, and a close relative of Cassidy’s, where the bartenders are incredibly sociable, and the board games are passed around all night. It’s a place to have those long chats, as if you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Bring on those cloudy skies.

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9. Xico

Here’s a Mexican style that’s open from 5pm – the perfect time to go for some tasty drinks and tacos right after work. It’s underground. It’s suuuuuper trendy, and they even define themselves as a “dive bar”.

Bit of a stretch, but sure look.

If the rain is coming down, you may as well stay and feel out the nightclub – the place goes mad once the sun goes down. In a good way.

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