A New Study Has Revealed The Exact Times Of Day People Crave Snacks - And We're All Guilty

"Is butter a carb?"

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You know that craving you get when sitting at your desk - the one that nothing healthy will satisfy? Well a new study has discovered the times that we're most likely to buckle under those urges... 

11.01am, 3.14pm and 9.31pm are now known as 'snack o' clock' according to a study carried out by Forza Supplements.

Up to 750 calories can be consumed in total during these three periods, when people snack blindly, not thinking about what they're putting in their bodies. 

Skipping breakfast is usually the first mistake someone can make resulting in a binge at 11.01am when hunger truly sinks in. 

Stress is said to be a big factor at the 3.14pm slot, as people reach for something to give them more energy to get through the afternoon at work. 

Finally, the 9.31pm slot is generally a boredom snack when people are sitting in for the evening and get a hankering for something to eat. Guiltyyyyyyy!

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