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09th Mar 2018

An Unusual Gin Has Just Launched In Dublin And You NEED To Try It

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

I know what you’re thinking… another gin? Well, of course.

To be honest, I think that we can never have too many gins. It’s my spirit of choice and unlike most other alcoholic beverages, I’ve found that there is no particular brand I commit to because I adore trying various new blends and flavours.

James Joyce Gin has just launched in Dublin and it really does differ from the rest. 

Instead of the typical botanical or fruity flavours found in gin, this offers spicy undertones. The gin itself combines delicate notes of heather, bay leaf and cloves. 

As an avid gin-taster, (I call myself a ginfluencer) I spotted the flavour of cloves in the after-taste straight away, which I was pretty proud of because I’m not usually great at picking out flavours. It really has an unusual taste from its competition and like nothing I’ve tasted before. 

What I really like about this gin is that it has it’s own tale. 

Denis Kilty, the creative director, has been passionate about James Joyce himself for years. His farther was actually involved in the refurbishment of Sweny’s Pharmacy and many other buildings in the city that were linked to the writer. Kilty wanted to continue on from his farther’s work and create something that would celebrate Joyce’s legacy and give everyone a unique taste of Irish history. 

To top it all off, Denis is just a deadly, down-to-earth guy.

His eyes lit up whenever I asked him about the product and he told me the story of it rather than choosing to drown me with his business plan and marketing details. I could tell he just genuinely loved the product himself, which in turn made me so much more interested. 

The gin was created to pay homage to Joyce’s best known work, Ulysses. You can tell that the product has been thought out to a tee and that it really does present something special to those who try it. 

As someone who has a literal obsession with gin, I can safely say this one is a new favourite of mine. It is now widely available in bars across the city and it’s a treat for the tastebuds (especially with a slice of orange). 

The Celtic Whiskey Shop on Dawson Street is the main distributor of James Joyce Gin, so if you’re looking to buy it as a gift for someone, (or just for yourself, obvs) that’s deffo the best place to get it. 

Happy drinking!

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