Are You Brave Enough To Try Dublin's Hottest Chicken Wings?

By AmyBell

September 25, 2017 at 12:46pm


Let's face it, everyone loves a good portion of chicken wings.

They're the perfect snack when out for a night out on the town, and many of us are guilty of being on an eternal search for the best ones around Dublin (it's just an excuse to eat a load of wings though, ain't it?)

Well, if you're a fan of SUPER spicy wings, these chicken wings are said to be the hottest in Dublin...

Bad Bobs in Temple Bar has created the spiciest wings that will make you cry, and they're so hot that you need gloves to eat them.


Head chef, Ralph Utto, has come up with the spicy recipe that even profesh chilli-lovers cannot handle. They're that hot - and come with a warning.

The sauce on the wings made by Ralph himself is extremely hot and he has to be careful when making them, wearing gloves and a face mask 'cos they're that hot. 


The Devil's Blood Sauce is made up of the hottest chilies in the world; Carolina Reaper chilies, along with hot pepper extract, Louisiana hot sauce and more to create the secret spicy concoction.


The sauce itself ranks in at 5-7 million units on the Scoville scale while Tabasco sauce ranks in at only 2000 units. 

So you would definitely want to be seriously brave to try these for yourself. 

Some brave souls who have tried the wings shared their experience on Twitter.

You can get a portion of the Devil's Blood wings for either €7 or €11, depending on how many you want to try, and very few have finished them.

Those who have are true heroes in our eyes.

Having witnessed my friends trying them, you really have to be prepared for what is to come. 

It wasn't a pretty sight. Like, at all.

From tears, red faces and apparently even vomiting afterwards, it's really not for the faint of heart. Do you know anyone who would try them?

header image: Badbobs/Wesbite and Chilli Club Dublin/Twitter

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