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Here’s How You Can Get All The Latest Food Reviews and News Straight To Your Inbox

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At Lovin Dublin, we’re all about discovering the very best restaurants, bars and cafes our city has to offer – and keeping you guys in the loop.

Whether it’s the newest opening that everyone’s talking about, or a hidden gem that actually does the best pasteis de nata you’ve ever tasted, our aim is to make sure you’re always in the know.

Our research has shown that our readers are early-adopters, the ones who are hungry for new experiences. You’re also the “organiser” – the person who tells the entire group where you’re going this weekend (and usually gets the first round in).

If this is you, signing up to our weekly newsletter is about to make life so much easier. We won’t spam you – we promise. All you’ll get is the very best of your city delivered straight to your inbox every week.

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