Cluck Chicken launches their own burger club in February

By Katy Thornton

January 12, 2022 at 9:11am


Calling all Cluck Chicken super fans - this burger club might just be a bit of you!

If you've been down to The Cluck Yard in Walkinstown, then you know just how good a Cluck burger is. They are full of flavour and sauces and toppings and just about everything you need to make an iconic burger. So what if we told you there was a club where you can enjoy these bad boys even more, and for cheaper?

The Cluck Chicken burger club will be available every Wednesday and Thursday evening, and being a member means a free Club burger every month. The Club burgers will be developed monthly by an unreal chef, and while non members will pay full price, you will only pay €5 for one of these bad boys after you get your free one. Some of the chefs they already have lined up include Jennifer Carroll, who will make February's special, Sean Ring, Mark Moriarty, Ramael Scully, and many more. The Cluck burger club will also collaborate with Cali Cali Foods at some point too.

So how do you get involved in the Cluck Chicken burger club? Registration opens for fans from Monday 17th January. There will only be 50 slots available, so if you're clucking serious about chicken, make sure you're ready to go on Monday. You can register through their Instagram HERE and it costs €20 for membership.

Header image via Instagram/cluckchicken_truck

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