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09th Nov 2017

This Dublin Coffee Shop Has A Pretty Genius Loyalty Plan


Everybody loves free coffee, which is probably why loyalty cards in coffee shops are par for the course. 

Two Pups Coffee on Francis Street, Merchants Quay has the most typically Irish loyalty card ever – and it’s gas.

Their card has a range of Irish insults that start from ‘ya little pup’ and works all the way down to ‘ya little beauty’ when you get to your 10th coffee – which comes free!

Have a look at the card below: 

You can pick up your own card in the café and work your way through it.

Two Pups Coffee not only has tasty coffee that hits the spot, but they also do delish food that I’d highly recommend – especially their French toast.

Have you seen any other funny loyalty cards around the city?

header image: Two Pups Coffee/Facebook

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