You Can Get Yourself A Free Pizza In Dublin This Week If You Have One Of These Names


Free + food are two words we like to see in the same sentence. 

The Big Blue Bus in the beer garden of the Bernard Shaw give away scrumptious homemade pizzas each week FREE to anyone who is lucky enough to have one of their names of the week.

Last week if you were called Jules or Jasmine you would have bagged yourself a free pizza with toppings of your choice. 

This week the names are a bit more common, so if you're called Karl or Kate get yourself down for the delish freebie.

Of course you'll have to bring ID to prove that you're telling the truth!

The Big Blue Bus is a popular spot with regulars of the bar and there's cute seating inside the double decker bus. 

Will you be stopping by this week?

header image: TheBigBlueBusDublin/Instagram

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Amy Bell

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