Did You Know There's A Special KitKat Designed For People Who Like To Nibble Off The Chocolate?

Because we all know that one person who can't eat their KitKat like a normal human being

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It's a good day for weirdos.

With minimal fuss and fanfare, Nestlé has just introduced a truly revolutionary product to the market: a KitKat that's designed to be nibbled away, layer by layer.

Yup. You heard us.

The limited-edition version of the KitKat Chunky contains more chocolate and less wafer – and while it's not quite that solid chocolate KitKat that someone in your primary school once got, causing a playground sensation, it's not far off.

They've been out since January, but are tricky enough to find – we picked this pack up in SuperValu Ranelagh today. And we shall be stocking up before they disappear forever.

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Finally, a company that knows how to reward people for being ridiculously awkward.

Life is good.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan