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16th Jan 2020

Eight of the best places to get your dumpling fix in Dublin

Alan Fisher

Best places to get your dumpling fix in Dublin.

We can’t keep our mitts off them at the moment so here are Eight of the best places to get your dumpling fix in Dublin.

A few places opened up last year and there are a few classic, trustworthy places to get some dumplings in Dublin.

Here is our list you should start ticking off:

1) Little Dumpling

This place just opened up on Mary Street and stole our little dumpling hearts.

It only holds about 15 people so it’s a tight squeeze but it’s worth the wait.

Definitely try the duck bao and the chicken satay dumplings.

Oh, and Nutella dumplings for dessert.

2) Lucky Tortoise

After building its name as a pop-up, it finally opened up its own doors this time last year.

Since then, there has been no looking back for the Lucky T crew.

Always packed, make sure you book a table well in advance.

The all-in is only €20 and worth every penny.

3) Double 8

Situated in Bray it’s not technically in Dublin but it’s another place we got to check out for our Early Doors series.

It’s definitely worth a little trip out as the dumplings are amazing here.

Make sure to try the Banoffee Pie dumplings. Just wow.

4) Bullet Duck & Dumplings

If you’re looking for your dumpling fix in Dublin, you have got to go to Mary Street as Bullet sits next door to Little Dumpling.

They do some unreal dumplings but also some really delicious meat dishes like crispy pork.

5) The Ramen Bar

Everybody knows and loves The Ramen Bar at this stage.

Based on South William Street, it’s easy to get to and sheading up the back stairs makes it feel even more exclusive.

It’s hard not to get ramen here but dumplings to start are a good shout.

6) Bowls By Kwanghi Chan

Situated in Dublin 1, Bowls is in the heart of the city.

It constantly gets rave reviews so you have to put this on your dumpling bucket list.

7) Yamamori

George’s Street is packed with places to grab food but if you are after dumplings, Yamamori is the pace to go.

They even have great vegan options.

They have a few locations in Dublin to you’ll always be near dumplings.

8) Arisu

This place doesn’t have Instagram but always gets a good review which I take as a really good sign.

You have got to check out this Korean restaurant for dumplings.

Make sure you try these places as you try to get your dumpling fix in Dublin.