9 Fantastic Places To Eat And Drink If You're In Bray For The Air Display

By aidan

December 20, 2016 at 12:10am


It may not be technically located in Dublin, but we’ve never been shy about embracing Bray’s phenomenal spread of food and drink on these pages.

So if you’re out in the Garden County for the Air Display, why not… um… make a meal of it?


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1. Platform Pizza

In one of the most fiercely contested categories at the recent Lovin Dublin Awards – best pizza – this one came up tops, and scooped the gong.

And no surprise either; it’s inventive, atmospheric, friendly and (perhaps most importantly of all) the team knows how to make a bloody excellent pizza.

They’re difficult to book at the best of times, and anticipating massive crowds this weekend – they’re located right on the seafront – so do yourself a favour, and book early.

2. The Harbour Bar

Once named the Best Bar In The World by Lonely Planet – and more importantly (obv) earning the same honour from ourselves at our May awards – this place is worth a visit all in its own right.

You won’t really understand why until you walk through its doors, nestled down just beyond Martello Terrace at the north end of the promenade, and see its balance of eclecticism and pure old-fashioned quality.

But when you do? Oh boy.

3. The Porter House

Check out the site where Porter House chain began and, dare we say, where the Irish craft beer movement began.

Never short of a great crowd, with excellent beers and even excellenter tunes, this is located right at the heart of the action for the Air Display, just behind the bandstand.

And if you can get a seat in the beer garden? Well… we are in awe of you.

4. Barracuda

A seafood restaurant located upstairs from an aquarium?

We’ll say nothing. Sure you’d forgive anything for those sea views…

5. Finnbee’s

Located in the same building as Barracuda, and recently having been expanded with a deli/brunch area upstairs (which we have yet to try), this place can be a bit of a creche – but it’s definitely the best place to grab yourself a top-notch coffee while taking in the action overhead.

6. Box Burger

A personal favourite – burgers cooked in a mustard glaze that would stand easily in contention alongside the very best in the capital.

Located in the same building as Platform, this is a part of one of the most exciting casual dining complexes to be found anywhere in the country.

And you have not lived until you’ve tried their mac’n’cheese alongside their Mexican burger.

7. Dockyard No 8

If you’re out early, then this spot – located a few doors down from the Harbour Bar – has to be your choice for brunch.

Best coffee in town by some distance, but the ham hock eggs benedict is where the real action is.

8. Frank Duff’s

Want to get away from the seafront madness?

Want an old-man pub without all the quirkiness, but with the guarantee of a phenomenal pint of Guinness… and a load of cycling paraphernelia on the walls?

Frank’s yer man.

9. McDonald’s

Did we really just recommend… McDonald’s?

As in… the international corporate megacorp with the salty chips and the guilty-pleasure burgers that we only really eat when hungover (and tell nobody about)?

We did indeed – though not for the food, but for the structure. Bray’s Micky D’s is located in the old town hall building, which was built in 1881 and still retains its mock-Tudor opulence despite having been converted into a fast food joint.

That’s what we call the Bray effect…

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