Finally, Someone Has Stepped Up And Started A Petition To Bring Krispy Kreme To Dublin

Not that we're short on doughnuts here, but variety is the sugar of life...


It's not as if we're short on options when it comes to doughnuts in Dublin.

We've got Revolution Bakery, Aungier Danger, the Dublin Doughnut Company and God knows how many more to satisfy our sugar cravings and to tickle our taste buds.

But there's one name missing from that list – and to many lovers of the sweet treat, it's one that leaves a doughnut-shaped hole (wait a minute) in the scene.

Krispy Kreme

Sure, you could be cynical and say that Krispy Kreme is just the Starbucks of doughnuttery, but you'd be wrong – these guys know how to make treats taste bloody amazing, and their absence is sorely felt here.

Thankfully, though, one Gráinne Biddle has displayed true leadership by stepping up to the mark and starting a petition to bring them here.

And if you needed any reason to sign it, well...


Oh lord.

Oh lord above.

Not that we're short, by any means...

Take a look at this selection from our list of the five best doughnuts in Dublin.


But still.

When it comes to doughnuts, more is always better.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan