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02nd Feb 2020

Five delicious things we ate last week

Alan Fisher

It’s a new week and you might be looking for some inspiration on what you can eat.

We are always out and about trying new things and we’d like to share that info with you.

So here are five delicious things we ate last week that you might want to get your hands on this week:

1. Crispy Pork

We went to Bullet on Mary Street to see what it was all about.

All the food was very tasty but the plate of crispy pork stole the show.

It’s a lot of food but it’s so delicious you just can’t stop eating.

2. Peanut Butter Brownie

Popped into Bear Market to grab a flat white but we couldn’t resist a little treat.

This brownie was amazing.

Heated it up a little bit at home and it was perfect.

3. Chorizo Pizza

A little trip out to Platform Pizza in Bray was a lovely day out.

After a stroll on the seafront, we headed in for some pizza.

Check out their Chorizo one:

4. Chicken Toastie

One of the nicest toasties we’ve ever tasted and it came from Project Black, a little coffee shop at the Ranelagh Luas station.

The chicken chipotle toastie was amazing.

5. Cheesy Fries

Brass Onion Bistro just opened up in Drumcondra and by god, their cheesy fries are a joke.

Loads of cheese and topped with crispy bacon.

Just take a look at how they make them here: