Foodies Will LOVE This Exclusive Dinner Event Of Vegetarian Delights...


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There's nothing we love more than finding mouthwatering events from around the city, and recently we told you about a divine five course Polish tasting dinner that was taking place...

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Which by the way, was a huuuuuge success.

The dinner was organised by Marcin Kotwicki, head barista at Legit Coffee Co. and expert chef of all things tasty, he's been hosting regular pop-up events in Dublin and has now decided to do an extra special veggie dinner after many a request.

Veggies of Dublin, rejoice!

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The yum event will take place on Sunday 24th September, and here's what's on the menu...

  • Starter: Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes Caprese
  • Soup: Cream of Sorrel 
  • 1st Main: Blini (Buckwheat Pancakes) with Creamy Chanterelle Mushrooms Sauce 
  • 2nd Main: Ratatouille 
  • Dessert: Salted Apple with Caramel & Lemon. Sunday the 24th of September Start 8pm 3h 5 course menu plus matching wine €58 p/p

The tasting dinner will kick off at 8pm, and is a sumptuous five course, three hour affair PLUS matching wines for each course. Heavenly.

Best bit? It'll only set you back €58 per person for the whole sheabang. Dreamy. Get tickets and more info here.

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