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31st Aug 2022

Fox breaks into Brady’s of Shankill, becomes their ‘new recruit’

Katy Thornton

fox bradys shankill

Giving Fantastic Mr. Fox a run for his money this fella is…

I’m sure you’ve heard everywhere that it is a really difficult time to get staff at the moment. Hence why Brady’s of Shankill are delighted with their “new recruit”. Who is it, I hear you ask? Well, it’s a fox. Yes, this wee fella managed to squeeze himself behind the bar of the Shankill bar, ready to show off his mixology skills and proclivity for Orchard Thieves cider (I mean, he’s a fox after all).

How could Brady’s of Shankill turn him away when the fox took such initiative as to sneak his way in and behind the bar? Honestly it sounds like a tactic your parents would suggest when you were looking for your first job and had no experience.

You know how to show them you really want the job? Just break in or hide while they lock up, get behind the bar, and show them what you’re made of. They’ll just have to hire you then.

I mean, to be fair, if I knew I was going to be served by a fox, I’d be making my way to Brady’s of Shankill at my earliest convenience.

Header image via Instagram/bradysofshankill

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