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24th Jul 2017

Here’s How You Can Get Ice-Cream Delivered To Your Office Today


The sun is a-shining, and quite frankly it should be criminal to be working inside on a scorching day like today.

But yet here we are, chained to our desks clinging on to the hopes that it will still be balmy enough to not wear a jacket come 5.30pm. It will, won’t it?

So let’s face it – you’re stuck in the office all day and you deserve an ice cream. You NEED an ice cream today. Fact.

Here’s 4 places in the city centre that will do you a solid and deliver right to your desk so you can pretend you’re sitting on a beach <3

1. Rocket’s – Chocolate Oreo Milkshake €4.50

Get this droolworthy shake sent in and make the entire building mad jel.

2. Supermacs – Caramel Nibble Swirly €2.25

Chocolate treats. Ice cream. Alllll swirled together. YUM YUM YUM. Order here.

3. Gourmet Burger Kitchen – Madagascan Vanilla Ice-Cream €2.95

Get a classic vanilla ice, or go mad with Greek yogurt and honey ice-cream or even a milkshake.

4. Al Vesuvio – Chocolate Ice-Cream Tub €5.50

You can’t go wrong with a big ol’ tub of choc ice-cream on a day like this.

Yum – everyone needs ice-cream on a day like this.

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