Here's The Surprisingly Simple Secret To Cooking Perfect Porridge In The Microwave

And no, it doesn't involve steeping your oats for a million years


We know, we know, it's much better when you make it in a pot.

But let's face it – most of us cook our porridge once we get into the office. And who in God's name has a workplace hob?

(Okay, Google probably does. But they can feck off. That's right, I'm talking to you.)

Microwave porridge gets a bad rep because it so often ends up clumpy and stodgy and a bit like something you'd build a house with.

But it doesn't have to be like that!


Nope. And the solution you're expecting – that we're going to tell you to get up and head into the office at 3am to steep your oats – is way off.

The answer is actually a super-simple feature of your microwave that you've probably never even touched before: the power dial.

Whaaaaat. Does my microwave even have one of those?

Most definitely, yes. Like I say, though, you've just never looked at it.

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The problem with most microwaves is that they default to full power – this heats up the oats too much too quickly, and they don't get a chance to break down before deforming and going gross.

Worse still, but the bowl heats up and turns the stuff around the outside to rocksludge.

And thus, the trick is switching the dial down to a medium heat.

So it's that simple?

Yup. The key is plenty of liquid (milk is better than water, let's face it) and taking an extra 30 seconds to a minute on a medium heat. 

Take it out and stir it in the middle for optimum results. But either way, this is going to yield FAR better results than what you're used to.

Gwan. Give it a go.

Written By

Aidan Coughlan