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01st Dec 2021

Move over Christmas sambo, this Dublin 8 spot has the Christmas croissant of dreams!

Katy Thornton

Tis the season… to make everything Christmassy, and Two Pups Coffee definitely understood the assignment!

Mince pies. Gingerbread Lattes. They’ve all been coming out of the woodwork these past couple of weeks, with a particular focus on the delectable Christmas sandwich. We have a huge list of Christmas sambos here to find in Dublin, but if you’re looking for a remix of the classic, then Two Pups Coffee is where you’ve got to be.

Behold, the Christmas croissant! All the fillings of a Christmas sambo, but in the sweet flakey pastry of a croissant instead. We are amazed. This croissant comes with turkey crown, melted Brie, and spiced cranberry sauce. Fancy something extra? It also comes with gravy butter, to either pour over your croissant, or to dip into. This comes just one week after Two Pups reinvented the French pastry financiers to make them Christmassy too. They are really on top of their Christmas game.

Two Pups Coffee offers these croissants from 8.30-12 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Header image via Instagram/twopupscoffee

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