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23rd Feb 2020

Nine picks to convince you to eat at The Pepper Pot this morning

Sarah Finnan

The Pepper Pot cafe

Beloved by many, and for good reason.

Step inside Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, wander around slightly lost for a couple of minutes and you’ll eventually find The Pepper Pot – the dotiest tea room you ever did see.

A cafe and bakery, The Pepper Pot is a one size fits all kinda place in that it has something to suit whatever you’re in the mood for – be that a cuppa tea and a slice of cake, some soup and sourdough, a pastry or some brunch.

It’s also one of the best people-watching spots in town, especially if you land a table overlooking the floor below.

Still not convinced? I guess we’ll just have to let the photos speak for themselves then.

First up, this cinnamon and blood orange cruffin. A croissant/muffin hybrid, it combines the fluffiness and flakiness of both treats proving that there is a God and she wants you to eat one of these for breakfast.

More of a savoury kinda guy/gal? This will sort you out. As tasty as it is colourful.

Puff pastry is always a winner, but particularly when it’s accompanied by cheese… of any kind.

One could argue that the pastry offerings at The Pepper Pot are almost too beautiful too eat. And though you’d certainly have a valid argument, I can’t say it would stop me from devouring one of these stunners.

Or one of these for that matter.

I have to say I’m intrigued by the thought of savoury porridge. Usually, not something that would be top of my list but this has me thinking otherwise.

Bread at The Pepper Pot is baked fresh on-site and even cures hangovers as legend has it. Might be worth putting this one to the test.

Goat’s cheese tarts – sweet but also savoury so could cure both your dinner and dessert cravings in one. Though, I’d recommend saving room for cake. Always save room for cake (the Victoria sponge is top-notch).

And finally their bagels. Ah, the bagels. A doughy, ring-shaped piece of goodness that I have quite the affinity for and the ones at The Pepper Pot are definitely up there with the best of them.

(Header image courtesy of @thepepperpotcafe)

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