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30th Jun 2022

Ranchero in Sandyford is officially reverting back to Square One

Katy Thornton

ranchero square one

A bittersweet ending.

Although I dined at Ranchero Taqueria a couple of times since it replaced Square One, I am very happy about this news. Square One was the first spot where I dined indoors again following the first covid lockdown; it was a staple amongst me and my friend group. Initially when it was taken over by Ranchero I was disappointed, sad to lose my go-to brunch spot in Sandyford. While I had some lovely meals at Ranchero (I am an avid Mexican food lover) the return of Square One is incredibly exciting.

Ranchero and Square One both took to their separate Instagrams to explain the change:

Hi everyone, Ranchero is officially going back to Square One! It’s been a difficult couple of years for everyone and we’ve made the decision to go back to serving up all types of breakfast, brunch and lunch. Along with whopper coffee and great tunes. We’ll be back open from 12 this Thursday for lunch and then all weekend from 11 for some of the best brunch around.”

Much as I’m excited for the return of Square One brunch specials (their egg dishes as well as their French toast is to die for) I sincerely hope some of the Ranchero dishes remain. Their Mexican hash, as well as their huevos rancheros, were nothing short of heavenly.

An amalgamation of the two menus would be ideal. Square One is officially back from Thursday and will proceed to do brunch throughout the weekend.

Header image via Instagram/squareonedublin

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