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20th Dec 2016

10 Extremely Vaild Reasons Why Veganuary Needs To Piss Right Off


Forget Dry January, apparently Veganuary is the next big thing.

Not content with avoiding alcohol for 31 days, some people are going proper cold turkey (sorry!) and cutting out all meat, dairy and egg products from their diets as well.

According to the Guardian, the main reasons behind the Veganuary campaign are saving animals, health reasons and the environment. Which are all pretty noble reasons, to be fair, however here are some arguments against this month of healthy living…

January is tough enough without having to stop eating something as delicious as cheese

Cheese 8

Going vegan doesn’t mean you just cut out stuff

You have to do a fair bit of research to ensure you’re still getting all the correct nutrients in your diet. 

So no, unfortunately chips and a veggie burger won’t cut it for dinner every night…

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You don’t win friends with salad

Suffering from the holiday hangover from hell is not really the time you want to become acquainted with lentils and pulses

3 Types Of Lentil

Furthermore, brain cells are somewhat lacking in January, so it can be hard to get your head around a whole new eating regime

5 days in you realised you’ve broken Veganuary ever single day. Ewps.

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Plus, willpower is pretty much non-existent when you’re used to ploughing through tins of Roses daily


Sometimes all you want is a dirty steak or some crispy bacon

And sometimes, nothing else will suffice.

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It’s only day five, and we’re already sick of seeing social posts about how Veganuary is going

Only 26 more days to go… #healthkick #eatclean #veganuary

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Pasted Image At 2016 01 05 01 20  Pm

If people are truly sticking to the rules of veganism, surely they have to dump their leather jackets?

How will people know you’re cool, now?!

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Plus, there are tons of sneaky animal by-products in things you wouldn’t even expect

Orange juice?! Oh maaaaaan…

Vegans Cant Eat  Infographic

So there you have it, Veganuary is an arduous journey that no-one should have to embark on during an already miserable month. Save yourselves!

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