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11th Jan 2022

REVIEW: Griolladh Thomas Street’s latest opener

Emily Mullen

griolladh thomas street

We went along to the recently opened Griolladh on Thomas Street, so recently opened in fact that it’s not even officially opened (at the time of writing it’s being “soft launched”). It’s the Griolladh-ers first brick and mortar spot after months of food truck expansions and endless toasties being slung outside of gaps in vehicles.

Why you should go? 

In that part of town, if you want a pizza or a pint, you are pretty well catered for. But there is definitely a gap in the market for the closest bedfellow to the pizza, the toasted cheese sandwich. Queue Griolladh coming to town and plugging the cheese-shaped hole that’s been left in this stretch of town for some time. While a lot of spots make toasties, Griolladh would be considered to be the newest unofficial leader when it comes to making them. This is the team’s first dalliance over this end of town though, they’ve generally stuck to the leafy environs of Dundrum and Malahide.

Set the scene

You would need to have forgotten your glasses/contacts to miss Griolladhs new spot halfway up Thomas Street. The tiled front is children’s primary colour yellow, with the instantly recognisable name in massive letters overhead.

The backstory

The spot on 41 Thomas Street was once Fourty One butcher’s shop and apparently, there was once a brothel upstairs (according to the lads serving us).

The interior

Much like the front, it’s very yellow. It’s a lovely welcoming space, with high ceilings and loads of light. Everything is absolutely pristine and brand spanking new. There’s some seating at the window (which gives you a good view of hustle and bustle of Thomas Street) and more seats along one of walls.

The food

As you might imagine, cheese toasties. There’s a similar menu to the ones offered in the food trucks, with an option to build your own toastie too.

griolladh sandwich the og

We recommend ordering

It’s hard to stray from The OG (with the iconic bright pink garlic mayo). It’s the classic for a reason, a nice cheese mix with the sauce nicely packing in some flavour content. The bread isn’t too thick, which can sometimes happen with toasted cheese sandwiches nowadays. There’s also flaked salt added on top of the sandwich which kicks the toastie up a gear.

What we also wanted to order

The Potato-O, which has hashed and lightly spiced potatoes in it paired with spinach and cheese (of course).

The drinks

There are all the standard soft drinks, with coffees from Imbibe.

The highlight

The atmosphere in the place honestly was once of the most welcoming and cheering places I’ve been to in a very long time.

griolladh the og

The service

Super friendly and very enthusiastic, you could tell that they were all extremely passionate about what they were doing and couldn’t wait to crack on with establishing themselves in the area. Also very fast, given the nature of toasties that does go with the territory.


Griolladh is situated on the ground floor, I didn’t make it to the bathroom so you are best of checking with the team about their location.

Eco effort

There are vegan options, the ingredients are also all sourced in Ireland and cardboard containers are used for the toasties.

Anything else?

This is about to become Dublin 8’s go-to lunch spot so get there quick before everyone else does.

Where is it again?

41 Thomas Street

How to keep up with them?

Instagram is probably best

Prices from?

€6-8 for a toastie (at the time of writing)

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