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11th Dec 2019

This cafe has the most unbelievable range of hot chocolate in Dublin

Brian Dillon

hot chocolate dublin

In terms of the best hot chocolate in Dublin, this cafe is a fair contender.

While on the hunt for a gloriously indulgent hot chocolate on the weekend (it was one of those days), my mate and I decided to head to The Sweetest Thing on Bachelor’s Walk.

And lads, it was unreal.

So, what’s on the menu?

Well, there are some dreamy entries on the list including Maltesers Hot Chocolate, Mint Hot Chocolate, Orange Hot Chocolate, Cadbury’s Hot Chocolate, White Hot Chocolate, Dark Hot Chocolate…

*Stops for breath*

… Chocolate Latte, Coconut Hot Chocolate, Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, Cookie & Cream Hot Chocolate and Guinness Hot Chocolate.

Oh, and there’s one more which I opted for: The deliciously creamy and chocolatey Baileys Hot Chocolate.

And it was nothing short of glorious.

Now, I’d be a fan of Baileys on its own, but this is possibly the best form I’ve ever had it in. Topped with cream, chocolate syrup and a Baileys chocolate treat, it was a fairly generous beverage/dessert that only cost me a mere €4.50. If you think €4.50 is a bit excessive for a hot chocolate, you’ll quickly change your mind once you try this one.

And if the hot chocolates weren’t enough to entice you into the cafe, then all of their other offerings are bound to satisfy your sweet temptations.

Chocolate fondue platter, anyone?

And for when the weather gets warmer, they have an unreal range of milkshakes.

Plus, I will definitely be returning to try their crepes, which look insanely tasty.

And as soon as you walk in, you’ll instantly be intrigued by their range of cakes, pastries and other wonderfully sweet treats.

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