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22nd Jan 2020

This Dublin restaurant is doing a nacho happy hour

Sarah Finnan

Nacho Dublin

Nacho average meal deal.

Ah, the humble nacho. You can’t beat it. Tasty and versatile – it’s one of those things that both picky eaters and self-declared foodies love.

Great for sharing too. Especially if you’re not that hungry but would still pick at something…my constant state of being tbh.

The true art comes in the toppings though. Some go spicy and opt for jalapenos or chillies, some top theirs with mince and beans, or some go straight for the gold (@me) and load theirs up with cheese, guac and salsa. Glorious.

Many places around the city offer the tasty snack, but if you’re on the hunt for a real bargain then TriBeCa is where it’s at.

Located out in Ranelagh, the guys at TriBeCa are running an unreal meal deal -offering customers a ‘Super Nacho Hour’, which is essentially a nacho happy hour.


Also known for their chicken wings, TriBeCa often crops up in conversations debating where to find the best of the best in Dublin.

And once again, they’ve got you covered as 30 quid will get you a portion of wings, nachos and two drinks (customers can also opt for a cocktail). Bargain city.

Available at select times during the week.

You know where to find us come dinner time.

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