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15th Sep 2023

Best chicken wings in Dublin – Our finger lickin’ bucket list for 2023


There’s a lot to be said for a bowl of wingers

There are several places with the finger-lickin’ snack on the menu, but unless you’re left a saucy mess by the end of your meal, then those establishments don’t even deserve to be considered, never mind featured on a ‘best of’ list.

And with the image of an overflowing bowl of chicken wings planted firmly in your mind’s eye, there’s nothing for it than to unveil our picks of the top joints in town. The chicken wing bucket list if you will, a double entendre of chicken-y goodness.

Tick them all off and rest easy in the knowledge that you’ve spent your time achieving something truly worthwhile, for, as the saying goes – ain’t no thing like a chicken wing.

So in no particular order, here are the places you need to hit up if you want to find the best chicken wings in Dublin this year:

F.X Buckleys

Various locations, more info here 

FXBs do a lot of things incredibly well, amongst that number are Sunday roasts, steak (recently been ranked in the top 10 in the world) and oysters. It’s safe to say that their wings can be added to that lengthy list, they serve up a starter bowl filled with ’em sometimes even bigger than you’d get for mains in most places.

The Old School House

Swords, more info here

A Swords institution, this spot on main street is a mainstay for excellent pub-grub, pints and a place to catch the match. They serve some phenomenally juicy and ever-so-crispy wings tossed in a delicious sauce.

Farmer Brown’s

Various locations more info here

Farmer Brown’s wings deserve special praise and they serve up a solid amount of them for their buck. Definitely on the wetter side of things, these wings are thoroughly coated, in whatever wing you opt for be that buffalo or cauli.

Blue Bar

Skerries’s 25 Harbour Road, more info here 

Without a doubt, some of the best buffalo chicken wings in Dublin, particularly for fans of a spicier version, though the blue cheese dip offers cooling refreshment with every bite. Large portions too, which let’s face it is music to your ears and your pocket. There’s a serious crisp on these wings which to anyone who gets a little freaked out by the concept of bony chicken wings is a bit of a relief.

Based in Skerries, The Blue Bar requires a bit of a journey but it’s well worth the trip.

Blue Bar skerries chicken wings

The Hole In The Wall

Blackhorse Avenue, more info here

Located near a small entrance to Phoenix Park, this 400-year-old establishment is not only Europe’s longest pub and one of the most festive Dublin spots at Christmas, but it’s also a great shout for a bowl of wings.

Stroll around Phoenix Park, snapping pics of the scenery and friendly deer, before settling into one of The Hole In The Wall’s cosy snugs for a portion of chicken wings. Weekend itinerary sorted, am I right?–CnTqtyt/

Elephant & Castle

Various locations more info here

The self-proclaimed seller of “Ireland’s original & best chicken wings” Elephant & Castle is one of the first places that spring to mind when someone mentions the finger-lickin snack. Liberal on the hot sauce, they certainly put something special into that cheesy vinegar dip.

Wing It

63 George’s Street, more info here

When ‘wing’ is in the name, it’s difficult not to include them in a list like this. The team on George’s Street have an incredible selection of wings from boneless bits to dry rubbed with a nice mix of drumlettes and flats. They’ve some class sides and some extra-looking desserts to boot, if you want to round off the meal in style.

Cluck Cluck Chicken

Walkinstown and the Square, more info here

Now if you’re looking for a spot that really knows its way around a chicken be that in the form of a burger, a wing or a-top a loaded fries order, you can’t go wrong with Cluck Chicken. The sauce is the aim of the game here and is liberally applied to these wings which are always just the right of hot. The team out in Walkinstown also do a Wing Wednesday with 2-4-1 all wings all day.

The Oarsman

Ringsend’s 8-10 Bridge Street more info here

Fantastic neighbourhood pub with friendly staff and a class rooftop terrace. They pour a great pint and serve some quality food to boot, the wings are absolutely doused in hot sauce, and you’ll need a couple of napkins to handle these bad boys.


65 Ranelagh more info here 

Another establishment that always crops up in arguments about the best chicken wings in Dublin — and for good reason. The (naturally) New York-inspired diner has been operating since 2001 serving ‘casual but grown up’ grub. While they aren’t on the cheap end of things, these wings are hefty and perfectly crispy.

Canal Bank Café

Dublin 4’s 146 Leeson Street Upper, more info here 

It’s TriBeCa’s sister restaurant, so you just know they’re sharing that secret sauce recipe. These wings are arguably some of the best in the city, smaller than your average but incredibly crispy and tender. They also do some great Mediterranean meals and have a great wine list to boot.


Stillorgan’s 4 Lower Kilmacud Road, more info here

The wings you’ll find in this Stillorgan restaurant are ridiculously messy but, as all true connoisseurs know, messiness and quality go hand in hand. Wear that saucy smile and do it with pride.

They got the swag sauce, they dripping swagu.


Parnell Street, more info here

You get a fantastic amount of wings for your money at Woolshed, there’s no better place to catch the match and munch on a few wingers. They’ve options for different kinds of wings so if you want spicy beyond belief, you can get it!

The Harbourmaster

Custom House Dock more info here

If you’re a wing fan who spends a lot of time in the IFSC, you’ll surely be aware of this spot. Chips, beer and wings? Sure, you can’t go wrong. These wings are a little on the crispier end of things and topped with some finely sliced chilli for that added bit of heat.


Hanover Quay, more info here 

Calling into Herbstreet is a no-brainer should you find yourself hanging around the Grand Canal Dock area. They may be better known for pancakes but, in our opinion, their buffalo wings blow those delicious breakfast treats right out of the water… which is no easy feat.

Herb street chicken wings

Are there any other establishments that deserve to be included on this list? Let us know on [email protected]

In all seriousness though, does anyone know why they’re always served up with celery? One of life’s many mysteries.

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