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05th Sep 2017

This Is The Greatest Dish Ever Produced In Dublin


Let’s face it.

We all love a traditional Irish dish, but this is the best one to come out of our very own fair city.

Yes, I mean a good, hearty Dublin Coddle.

When you think of it, it has everything you could ever want in a meal.

You have potatoes, rasher, sausage and even onion. Nothing beats the smell of a hot pot of Coddle steaming up your kitchen on a cold winter day. Trust me

And the dish itself is scrumptious. So it’s a win-win really.

Why a Dublin Coddle?

Well the Irish dish is heavily associated with our capital and was great in the old days to make use of leftovers. We all loved our Mammy’s Coddle and even James Joyce has made several references to the dish in many of his works. 

If the famous Ulysses writer liked it, it must have always been a big hit in our country.

It is also a great Irish ‘comfort food’. If you get soaked after a wet cold day there is nothing better than a big bowl of Coddle to warm you up. It’s also cheap, easy to make and it cooks quickly. 

You really don’t need much meal planning when it comes to making Coddle.

What makes a good Dublin Coddle?

Well I always think the best way to make a Coddle is to throw in some skinless sausages, thick cut back bacon with some chunky potatoes, a bit of onion, salt and pepper along with some herbs. It’s delish.

Traditionally you can also include barley and some even Guinness to the dish. 

Does it get any more Irish than that?

If you want to try it at home for yourself, why not check out Irish chef, Donal Skehan’s take on a Dublin Coddle with Pearl Barley here.

It looks delicious! Our mouths are watering…

Donal Coddle


Where can you get a good Coddle around the city?

Well, there are many place that whip up a decent Dublin Coddle. It is the traditional dish of our city after all.

Some of my favourite spots around the city include:

The Hairy Lemon?, Stephen Street Lower

Gallaghers Boxty House, Temple Bar

The Oak, Parliament Street

John Kavanagh “The Gravediggers”, Prospect Square

Do you love our city’s traditional dish?

Let us know!

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