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02nd Jul 2021

This new foodie spot in Dundrum looks immense

Fiona Frawley

We all love a good cheese toastie. We also love a good milkshake lovingly garnished with whipped cream, syrup and every other delish topping you could think of. So imagine our delight when we discovered you can pick up both these things in the one spot after your midweek jaunt to Penneys.

Cheese on Toast is one of the latest additions to Dundrum Town Centre, and it looks pretty incredible. Get a load of these shakes:

They’d have the boys to the yard quicker than Kelis could lick the cream off a cherry. They’ve got this dreamy looking Kinder Bueno flavour and also Oreo and Strawberry Shortcake.

If you need something savoury, their lovingly prepared sourdough toasties should hit the spot. It is their namesake, after all.

They also have a tartine bar with a delish selection of open baguettes, including this tasty looking Hawaiian option for all the pineapple on pizza stans.

Drooling tbh. The ideal spot to hit up after picking up your ~few bits~, aka going in for socks and unexpectedly dropping €200 on stuff you’ll forget to return. Find them outside Brambles cafe by the Mill Pond!

Header image via Instagram/Cheese on Toast 

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