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20th Dec 2016

This Unbelievable New Pizza Place Just Opened Up In Rathmines


Rathmines is a great spot if you’re looking for a tasty feed and a very cool addition to the scene has just opened up.

Tiger Wood-Fired Pizza is located at 20 Upper Rathmines Road and the team describe themselves as “purveyors of happiness, delivering unadulterated taste sensations”.

There seems to be a neverending stream of pizza restaurants opening up in Dublin so what makes Tiger different from the rest?

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Well, first off, they use an ancient technique to produce their dough, which takes nine days and involves the use of live levain culture – a living breathing organism that produces natural yeast.

All of the ingredients are either locally sourced or imported from Italy for an authentic taste, and the pizzas are cooked in a wood-fired oven that reaches temperatures of over 450 degrees.

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The restaurant is the brainchild of Tadhg Leonard, who quit his career in corporate sales to follow his passion for food.

“I had enough of the corporate environment and the rigidity that a big corporation offers. I loved the pizza over in Italy but I found it very difficult to find authentic, high-quality pizza here in Ireland.”

One of the coolest thing about Tiger is that there is a feature wall dedicated to showcasing Dublin’s finest street art, with a new artist creating a signature design every two months.

Wall Art
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“I’ve always been a big fan of street art and street culture. Unfortunately, the artists are losing out on the space to paint all the time, with all the development that is going on and all the restrictions that the Council is putting in place. So, I decided to donate a space within Tiger to the street art community,” Tadhg explains.

“It’s a curated art space that allows the artist to come and paint whatever they want, it’s not a brand exercise. It’s specifically for art for arts sake. The nature of street art is that it’s a temporary thing so every two months, we’ll get a new artist to use the space to create a new art piece. Every artist will hand on the baton by nominating another artist to come and paint the wall.”

Tiger Wood-Fired Pizza is open from 8am-11pm from Monday to Friday and 5pm to 11pm on Saturday and Sunday. 

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