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13th Sep 2017

We FINALLY Found The Best Burrito In Dublin


It’s no secret that burrito-fever has taken over Dublin in recent years. 

Between the spiralling number of chain restaurants and drove of independent eateries, you’re never more than 100 yards away from a delicious burrito. 

The Mexican meal is perfect for even the fussiest eaters, with customers able to choose exactly which rice, meat, beans, sauce and cheese appears in their lunchtime treat. 

But alas, all burritos are not created equal. 

Some just pip the rest to the post, and we’re here to tell you EXACTLY where to get Dublin’s best burritos. 

1. Mama’s Revenge, South Leinster St

All true burrito lovers will know that Mama’s Revenge is tough to beat. Their choice of fillings may be similar to chain restaurant Boojum, but the signature flavours and budget-friendly prices see them come out on top. 

Choose from a range of meats such as pulled pork, pulled beef, minced chilli beef and chicken, or go veggie with fillings like sweet potato, aubergine and peppers. 

Like all good burrito joints, they offer a tortillaless burrito bowl and call it the “naked burrito.”

Quesadillas and nachos also make the menu. Is it time for lunch yet? 

2. Little Ass Burrito Bar, Rathmines

This place has some seriously inventive (and tasty sounding) burrito fillings, including ancho chilli and lime chicken, lime rice, slow braised marinated pork and feta cheese. 

Little Ass is a restaurant that gives their burritos some class. 

Most options can be ordered in a taco instead, which are handily gluten free, or in a takeaway box sans-tortilla. 


3. Tolteca, Baggot St

Tolteca is a solid choice when searching for a tasty burrito and offers a soya option for veggie customers. 

You can also add tortilla chips, sour cream and cheese to your order for FREE, so why not? 

Tolteca is also located on Suffolk Street, Camden Street and in Rathmines, so serves as a handy option, wherever you are in the city. 

4. Pablo Picante, Baggot St

Pablo Picante Californian Burrito Bar won’s title of best burrito bar in Dublin in 2010 and was listed as the 4th best burrito joint by Dubliner magazine. 

And for good reason. 

This place serves a huge range of burritos to cater to every taste and even has a number of “slim” burritos for calorie conscious folk. 

They also have an excellent student deal, where you can buy a burrito and free drink for just €6.50- perfect for a mid-lectures munch. 

5. Burritos and Blues, Wexford St

A safe bet for a good burrito and a hop skip and a jump from the centre of town. 

Burritos and Blues offers pretty standard (but delish) burrito fillings, except for the salsa. 

Customers can choose from a range of salsas, from mild to “blow your head off”, and even one that’s stored behind the counter for humanity’s safety. 

Spice-lovers, you have been challenged.

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