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Wine-Infused Coffee Now Exists So That We Can Get Both Fixes At Once

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Love wine? Love coffee? 

Then all your dreams are about to come true. 

Because some genius has finally created wine-infused coffee.

And not only that, but the coffee is infused with some of the best wine in the world — hailing from Napa Valley, no less. 

Feast your eyes and senses on Molinari Private Reserve:

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“This full-bodied coffee relaxes in a beautiful wine, absorbing the wine’s nose and history, then the coffee is carefully dried and hand-roasted in small batches.”


This coffee is perfect for those days when you just can’t decide whether a cuppa coffee or a glass of wine is what you need. 

The coffee is the work of a small cafe in Napa Valley, it was only about time really, and is currently sold out but if you keep an eye out here you should soon be able to get your hands on some.

And professional tasters say the coffee tastes “rich”, “full-bodied” and of “small dark fruit” such as blueberries.

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