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20th May 2020

13 things we really miss about Penneys right now

Lynda Keogh

I’m having Penneys withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include no matching footies and ratchet pjs… And I can’t be the only one!

Okay, so in the grand scheme of things this is quite trivial. In saying that, I think we are all feeling the effects of this cornerstone of Irish society being closed right now. Trust me, my poor sock drawer is definitely suffering. So let’s take a moment to reminisce. Here are a few things that we are missing right now…

Cotton rounds

An essential pick up. Even if you only go in for ‘just one thing’ they always end up in the basket – that clever at-till placement


The simple pleasures of a new packet of little sports footies (that match)

Sheet masks

A Friday night staple tbh


Sometimes a gal just wants a plain white tee / string top, and I swear by the Penneys ones

Image via Primark Beauty

Andrew Fitzsimons’ hair range

I’ve run out of the texture spray and the dry shampoo. I can’t go back to using any other brand – nothing else comes close. It also brings me closer to being a Kardashian / Keoghdashian


Whatever you want to call them, they always disappear and right now I’m working off one skinny, one thick and a questionable scrunchie.

Bobby pins

In the same vein as above


Missing the reasonably priced random pickups like hair turban towels and jade rollers

Image Via Primark


In your late twenties, there’s honestly nothing like a brand new pair of jammies and a glass of wine. I just want to upgrade to my summer shortie set right about now.


Can we get an amen for the €1 rolled thong?

Image via Primark Home


Should have bought that bloody bar-cart.


Okay, so we aren’t exactly going anywhere exotic at the moment. But the weather has been amazing recently and a little strapless number would be ideal for back garden tanning


Always nice to spice of the activewear wardrobe with a bit of colour, I like to accessorise my more pricey kit with a cool sports bra or top from Penneys. At the moment I’m looking very gothic.

So I may be slightly biased – in a previous life I did work in Penneys HQ but alas my love affair with Penneys/Primark continues. That and the fact that my basic b*tch needs are non-stop.

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