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18th Oct 2022

8 Halloween costume ideas for this spooky season

Fiona Frawley

image of a ghost sheet costume along side a photo of an energy bill

Halloween is almost upon us, and the world has never been a more terrifying place – meaning there are loads of costume options.

Maybe you want to put the fear of god into your pals by dressing as an electricity bill, or become a leaf off the old lettuce head by embodying the berg currently on track to outlast current UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss. There are plenty of options, and we’ve rounded up a few of our faves if you’re looking for a bit of inspo.

The Irish Teasock

Plenty of ways to execute this one. Cover yourself in teabags and socks. Make yourself into one giant sock and carry a teapot (maybe full of booze) around with you. Or just have a word with Liz herself and see if she has any advice.

Liz Truss Lettuce

Yes, Liz made the list twice, but what can we say? She’s given us so much. This one’s easy – don a two piece skirt suit and glue gun or staple some lettuce leaves together, then attach a piece of elastic to make them into a mask. Googly eyes optional.

Naas Ball

A timeless choice, of which we have seen many versions but still, Naas Ball homages never get old. Whether you’re going for a classic black body paint with yellow arrows or opting for a modern twist as queen of Halloween Maria Lawlor did last year, the Naas Ball is always a goer.

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Mary Lou McDonald as Chucky

Recreate this bizarre photo used by the Irish Times, taken from an angle which seems to have been in the depths of hell itself.

Padre Pio (in the bannister)

Grab yourself a piece of plywood with a hole in the middle, then don a fake grey beard and poke your head out through it. The Liveline listeners will approve.

A 2022 energy bill

Almost like a simple ghost/sheet ensemble, but emblazoned with the Energia logo. Ten times scarier.

Garth Brooks at the Queen’s funeral

Combine two of the most memorable events of last month by dressing as Garth Brooks in mourning – black boots, black cowboy hat and the facial expression of someone who’s waited for three days in a queue to see a coffin.

Emerald Park

I’m picturing a Game of Thrones-esque gown for those looking to embody Tayto Park’s predecessor, Emerald Park, embellished with crumpled up Tayto pockets around the bottom of the skirt to symbolise Emerald’s ruthless climb to the top of the Irish theme park ladder.

Have you got something special planned costume wise? Let us know!

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