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01st May 2018

Anyone Who’s Had A Night In Coppers Will Relate To This ‘Can’t Cope Won’t Cope’ Scene


The one club where we never plan to visit but always end up in, Copper Face Jacks is a weekend ritual for all of Dublin every now and again. 

Or, y’know, every weekend. Don’t judge. We just love singing along to Mr.Brightside. 

But anyone who’s been on a night out in the gloriously sticky club will relate to this gas scene in last night’s episode of Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope. 

You enter the club with your €50 in wallet budget, determined not to spend a single cent more. And you might just get away with that… If it weren’t for the wickedly clever placement of an ATM riiiiight beside the dancefloor. 

Goodbye wages. Hello tequila shots.

We ALL know the pain all too well…

And people on Twitter are finding it all too relatable – “it’s a rite of passage to be stung by the ATM” 

We only have ourselves to blame though, don’t we?

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