Apartment hunting TikTok vids highlight grim reality of renting in Dublin

By Fiona Frawley

August 15, 2022 at 12:05pm


The videos from creator @casey.in.ireland have been doing the rounds for all the wrong reasons.

An American student has been documenting her journey trying to find a place to live in Dublin, after moving here to study at Trinity College.

As we all know at this stage, the housing crisis has resulted in families all over the country struggling to find homes, rental prices at an all time high and messages, calls and emails to prospective landlords going unanswered.

Since moving to Dublin at the end of July, Casey has shared a handful of videos on TikTok of her attending apartment viewings, and eventually moving into one of Dublin's dreaded "studio apartments" (code for box rooms with a sink and washing machine shoved in).

In the caption for her first apartment viewing video, Casey writes:


I had heard about the craziness of the Dublin rental market prior to my arrival but honestly it’s even crazier than I imagined! I sent over 50 messages through Daft.ie and only heard back from 2 people within 48 hours.

In the video, Casey shares footage of three accommodation options, one of which is a room in a shared apartment priced at €2,200 a month.

Her second video, which has racked up over 500k views features footage of three more studio apartments, one being a single room in Ballybough priced at €1,400 per month.

Via TikTok/casey.in.ireland 

Eventually, Casey found a minuscule room to rent priced at €1,400 per month. Her "move-in day" video depicts a sadly relatable experience for many Dublin renters - the studio is dirty, there's a plug socket hanging with loose wires from the wall, the fire alarm is not properly installed, the walls are dotted with mystery stains - the list goes on.


A grim, and depressingly relatable state of affairs. In fairness to Casey, she remains as upbeat and positive as physically possible throughout, but there's no amount of cheery background music that could make Dublin's rental situation look in any way acceptable.

Header image via TikTok/casey.in.ireland

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