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03rd Feb 2018

PICS: Only The Bravest Dubs Will Play The City’s First Ever ‘Tattoo Roulette’


Do you have a tattoo already and know that urge of getting another one all too well? Or have you yet to get one because you just can’t make your mind up about what design?

Well, we hope you’re brave enough to play at Dublin’s first ever Tattoo Roulette…

A new tattoo studio on Wicklow Street, True Electric is bringing even more excitement to the experience of getting inked. 

Dare to play their Tattoo Roulette and “get what you what”

What exactly is Tattoo Roulette, we hear you daredevils ask? Basically you pay €100 to have a go at a gumball machine in the store which is filled with traditional flash designs work €150-€200. Spin the wheel of ink fortune and fate will decide what design you get!

Not keen on the design? (Unlikely, if the sneak peeks are anything to go by), but for a tenner you can have another go to get a different design.

Here’s some of the Tattoo Roulette designs that True Electric have inked so far. Slick, eh?

We’ve a feeling there’ll more than a few peeps rushing down to play. Just remember… You get what you get. 

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