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23rd Feb 2021

Calls for “creative ways to lift mood” including live music and poetry readings in parks

James Fenton

A psychotherapist has called for “creative ways to lift the mood” such as live music and poetry readings in parks.

With Ireland set to remain under Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions until early April at least, psychotherapist Stephanie Regan feels that live public performances as well things like projected art on buildings and fireworks could go a long way towards lifting the national mood.

Speaking to Q102, Stephanie said that “we’re in a phase now where we know how to stay safe outside. People know to stay back, to keep their masks on if they’re near anybody. I think people badly need it. I’m hearing an awful lot of despair at the moment, we’ve heard a lot about the mixed messaging now and all of that. In reality, we need now to start coming up with creative ways to lift people’s mood.”

The Government is expected to announce details of the new Living with Covid plan later this evening. It has been widely reported that Level 5 restrictions will remain in place until at least April 5.

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