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24th Mar 2021

Calls made to reopen Dublin Zoo and other outdoor amenities

James Fenton

Fine Gael Senator Emer Currie has called for outdoor amenities such as Dublin Zoo and Fota Wildlife Park to be allowed to reopen.

As the Government plots its next set of restrictions which are due to come into place from April 5, Ms. Currie has said that “Dublin Zoo is struggling to survive and we could be making use of local outdoor controlled attractions.” She added that outdoor amenities like Dublin Zoo and Fota Wildlife Park are “able to control numbers entering their gates by the hour in a way the public parks can’t”.

Meanwhile Fianna Fáil Seanad leader Lisa Chambers has called for “additional freedoms” to be granted to those that have been vaccinated. She said that “I see no reason why somebody in their 80s cannot access the public pool facilities in Castlebar for example, that is open to elite athletes.”

Ms. Chambers also pointed to a dwindling level of public support for Covid-19 restrictions, saying that “I know for a fact that there are multiple shebeens operating down the country. People are getting their hair done. We need to provide hope and a pathway out of this.”

Current Level 5 restrictions will expire on Easter Monday.

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