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04th Feb 2018

Can You Spot The Embarrassing Mistake In This Valentine’s Day Card From Dunnes Stores?


Valentine’s Day is a tricky old beast, especially for newish relationships. You don’t want to come across as cold hearted by getting your new other half nothing, but then again you hardly want to go full-blown Fatal Attraction either. 

‘Ah!’, you think. ‘A card. PERFECT.’

Surely a simple card can’t cause any trouble?

Hmm. It could be fairly lethal if it’s this particular one from a Dunnes Stores in The Mill in Clondalkin.

Lovin Dublin reader Gillian spotted the card and almost bought it for her boyfriend of a few months… Look verrrry closely and you’ll see why she was glad she didn’t.


Can’t spot it? Look again. It’s for a ‘boyfriend’… But then says for an amazing HUSBAND.

Jesus Christ we’ve shivers just thinking about handing this to our bae by mistake and him thinking we’re trying to drop a sneaky hint.

Screen Shot 2018 02 04 At 15 12 11

We’re shook. Looks like the designer of the card had some serious subconscious hopes on his or her mind at the time…

Be careful out there folks. A simple bunch of flowers might just be your best bet.

Thanks to Gillian for sending this in! Have you spotted any gas things around Dublin? Drop us a message on our Facebook!

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