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12th Jul 2017

Could You Be Crowned Dublin’s Champion At This Emoji Spelling Bee Contest?


Do you express yourself mostly in shy little monkey symbols and a variety of smiling or sad yellow faces?

If you’re an avid emoji user you’ll know that an emoji used at the right time can speak a thousand words, and get you out of some verrrry sticky situations where you can’t think of what to say.

And now, fellow emoji appreciators, there will be a deadly Emoji event in Dublin’s newest hang-out spot, Token in Smithfield.

Here’s what’s happenin’…

“Inspired by Emojicon, Emojination and, an Emoji Spelling Bee ???????? is a tournament-style translation contest is which participants must propose emoji versions of popular phrases, people, places or concepts. Register, take part, become Token’s first Emoji Champion and win some great Token prizes! ????????????

“Participants advance through the content when their emoji “translations” are selected by our panel of judges. As per the first two contests in the US, judging will be based on parsimony, whimsy and accuracy. 

“Our advice: Be short, be sweet, answer the question!”

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The competition will be held in Token on Tuesday 18th July at 8pm, so why not pop down early for a few bites to eat and play on some of the bar’s fantastic arcade games.

May the best emoji win.

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