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30th Aug 2022

Dogs Angels Ireland appeal to public amid mounting vet bills

Katy Thornton

dogs angels ireland bills

“We have to keep going.”

Dogs Angels Ireland is a South Dublin based and non-profit dog charity. It was set up by fellow dog owners who were appalled at the mistreatment of domesticated animals in Ireland. Their aim is to rescue and protect dogs from abusive situations, as well as find shelter and new homes for them.

While their work is noble, it’s also very expensive and Dogs Angels Ireland have had to take to social media to appeal to the public in the face of mounting vet bills.

In their social media appeal, Dogs Angels Ireland discuss the amount of dogs that have come into their care, as well as their vet bills costing as much as €15,000 collectively. According to their post, a lot puppies bought during the pandemic are being surrendered and due to the nature of their work, many of the dogs that arrive in their care are in need of medical attention, which makes the bills never ending.

While they acknowledge that “we have to keep going” the non profit also state that their work is financially crippling. Dogs Angels has a no destruction policy so they never put a recoverable dog down, but this means the dogs in their care are becoming difficult to maintain.

If you wish to donate to Dogs Angels, you can do so through this link HERE. Every little helps when it comes to helping them continue their valuable work.

Header image via Instagram/dogsangelsireland

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