Dublin bus spotted a little lost across the pond in Glasgow

By Katy Thornton

May 20, 2022 at 12:01pm


Ever wondered what happens to those buses that disappear off the schedule?


If you've ever tried to avail of the Dublin bus services, you will probably be familiar with their mystifying ability to simple disappear. One minute the 17 (shoutout to my fellow UCD alums) is two minutes away, the next, it's gone. Almost like magic. Really inconvenient magic.

Which begs the very reasonable question of where the hell do they go? Through a wormhole? Back to the Bus Depot for some shuteye? What happens to the people on the bus that fails to show up? Is there a Bermuda Triangle for Dublin Bus, and Dublin Bus alone? These are the questions that keep us up at night.

It would seem that one spot your missing Dublin bus may end up is, in fact, Glasgow. I mean, why not? Bróna (@broney13) took to Twitter to share this image of a certain Dublin Bus that found itself a little lost.


In her tweet she says this:

"nearly had a stroke walking home from work when I saw a fucking Dublin Bus driving down Cathedral Street …. In Glasgow."

So our leading theory is that it entered a wormhole, probably on its way to UCD (I have some unfinished beef with the 17 bus, if that wasn't obvious) and was spat back out in Glasgow, passengers and all. What became of these passengers? We'll wait for the inevitable Netflix documentary that will suck us in only to give us no real answers.


Header image via Twitter/broney13

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