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PIC: Someone Put Forward An Idea For The Ideal Dublin Cocktail Bar And It Would Be Unreal

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We’re very hard people to please. We love seeing new places open up in the capital but as soon as they’re like a month or two old and we’ve gone there three times every week, we’re like NEXT.

Now, your ideal bar and my ideal bar could differ but you have to agree that the motion Georgie is putting forward on Twitter is not to be ignored.

She’s not asking for anything fancy, she doesn’t want a glass ceiling and floor or drinks that are served to you in a funky candle holder or in a bowl of soup.

She just wants three things which in her mind would make this Dublin bar the grooviest in town.

The tweet reads: “Dublin needs a groovy cocktail bar that’s 19s and has like €6 cocktails that only plays 70s 80s and 90s music honestly this is such a good business idea someone rich pls do this.”

1. Having a bar that’s 19s means that none of the annoying little shits get in, they’ll never be smart enough to make a fake I.D. that says they’re 19.

2. €6 Cocktails are just the dream, it’ll make you feel like you’re on holidays. And you know that they’ll end up doing a funky ‘2 for €10’ on a Thursday which will just capture your weak and thirsty soul meaning you’ll be dying in work on Friday.

3. The best eras of music right here. Imagine sipping away on that Strawberry Daiquiri and you raise the glass as the Bee Gees’ ‘Staying Alive’ switches into ‘Wanna Be Starting Something’ by the King of Pop. You’ll just have to put the drink down altogether though when ‘No Limits’ comes on.

Does this sound like your ideal bar? If not, what do you think makes the perfect club or pub. Let us know in the comments.

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